Happy to be in the kitchen cooking for my family, my friends and myself. I like unfussy dishes that are healthy because they come from whole foods (and sometimes that whole food is a splash of cream) and are eaten in moderation (but rarely a cup of cream).

I'm not vegetarian, vegan, paleo, gluten-free, locavore or crazy for the pig (nothing against pigs though). I'm your basic omnivore. Me and the raccoons.  I'm a home cook (translation—no professionally training unless you count making ice cream treats at Baskins-Robbins when I was 15) but come from a family of talented cooks and one fearless professional.

I live in Minneapolis with my husband, two daughters, two noisy corgis who vigilantly cruise the kitchen floor for anything edible and one betta fish that is going on four  five six years (surely a record).  I have a weakness for bright flavors, big interesting salads and messy old-fashioned sweets.

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